Who Is? Official Trailer

Mike Pence

Jeff Sessions

Steve Bannon

Just who is running America?

 Just who is running this country? 

This multi-part, cross-platform original series from NowThis explores the background and rise of President Trump’s closest (and often controversial) advisors, confidants, and endorsees.


How did Steven Mnuchin get to where he is today?
Was Stephen Miller just as nationalistic in high school? Why did Steven Bannon fund a climate change experiment in the 90s?


Episodes are narrated by notable players,
including Rose McGowan, America Ferarra, Michael
Ian Black, Debra Messing, Rob Corddry, and more.


Many of our subjects have such a shadowy past that there are very few public photos and videos of them online.


We worked creatively to find graphical
ways of getting around this — stock footage, design treatments and clever b-roll —
to make engaging and unique pieces.


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